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Most number of Torched Hurdles Jumps while Skating

Students of Sharavanas Artz Fusion are the first to jump 2940 torched hurdles of radius 50 mts while Skating in 1 hour 16 minutes and 20 seconds. The event was recorded on 20th of November, 2021 at Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu, India and organised by Sharavanas Artz Fusion. A.Ajith Kumar, R.Dharun Venkatesh, S.Delbert Giftson, R.Lakshan, P.Monish
Vaasan, K.Mugunthan, S.Sanjai Gowtham, M.Shamanth Raj, K.Sudhakaran, V.T.M.Yojith are the10 participants of the World Record.